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The 'Place of Many Trees' - Guatemala

Guatemala also known to its local peoples as ‘Quauhtlemallan’, which translates to the ‘place of many trees’ in the preserved Mexican language of Nahuatl.

My trip to Guatemala was precisely as the plane lifted for takeoff - the destination to the better place, the long-awaited other side of the rainbow. It was a visual poetry that set the tone for the heart-lived experience of Central America’s land of the ancient civilization of the Mayans.

Life, work, and family is the unifying fabric of Guatemalans. As you walk through the cobbled streets, you feel the ease and flow of the ever-evolving life that is carried out with grace and elegance. The niños and ninãs are a part of the trades that their mothers and fathers are, from textile sewing to corn tortilla grinding and firing.

Trees are strong, and tall, weathering every season and wind gusts - what stands true and endures only to grow taller. This is the warm spirit of the locals of Guatemala - a community of true and genuine happiness and soul that shines through every movement and task.

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