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Silver Shell - Dominican Republic

In a sleepy town where even the fans run slow. A vibrant atmosphere filled with hard-working individuals that shine smiles at every turn and if not their minds then on their work ahead. The thoughtful look of perseverance exudes their being. The ocean was a few steps ahead and away, the flowers blooming exquisite-ness. 5 petals, 4 petals, the nectar drunken by hummingbirds - piqinue vulvelo. Dragonflies take flight at speeds of 100 miles per minute with intention. The trees, oh the trees of palms and pines that grow short to medium to altitudes that can withstand the tropical cyclonic winds at night. The rain of such events brings fruit to vegetation for the lush blooms of the morning’s dawn. New concrete houses sprung within the natural rock beds of this divine island. How sweet the symphony of a Paradiso. Real, true, raw and wondrous. Deep breaths are taken of salt and clarity. The sounds of motorbikes ring through the streets with melody. What a concert of existence and experience!


My happiness planner the leading motivator to such an adventure that bore in less than 24 hours to this island of bliss and brilliance. Gracias. Gracias para ti. They say aligning your heart to your thoughts - the true master of living with intention true. The pearls of wisdom, the silver shells of the linings of creation.

Now a poem with poems:

the Silver Shell - my shell
the oceans of creation

manifested through space and time

the pulls of magnitude

the pushes of latitude

gravitational grounds

seeking of sought

sought to seek

bliss within tides of evolution

that create that, which is destined

from the seed

to spiral bound in love.


Wisdom magnifications come within and through this being of manifestation. 

IMG_2521 2.heic
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