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catching Voice, inspiring Impact, driving Action [script excerpts]

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Shining a light on acceptance and what discrimination and racism in this day and time has done to the country. By documenting voices on the ground to understand context and severity of our racial and social relations that are oppressing and perpetuating violence against targeted groups of people and marginal societies. Capturing root identifiers in the problem to dismantle the system that is oppressing individuals and communities as a whole. Empowering expression and voice of the ones in need. Exploring definitions of individualization, community and marginalization, systemic oppression and perpetuation of harmful and deadly stereotypes.

-> VOICE : the Artist, the Activist, the Citizen - sharing personal stories of marginal individuals - intersectional identities on the frontlines of abuse and violence

  • the story: Black, Asian American, women - activists/citizens

  • the strategy: Racial Justice think tanks: Change Lab etc.

  • the individual

-> IMPACT : an investigative lens to the problem at hand by sharing experience & perspective for cause change and paralleling with the key contributors to these oppressions and discriminations by breaking the patterns of perpetuation through education and awareness on the issue in a digestible and impactful output of collated instances

  • the issue: the systems that uphold inequality and inequity through institutional organization of power

  • the issue: the divide is so vast in awareness and being that there is a resort to violence and abuse so strong that it is even deadly

  • the issue: the narratives that uphold white terrorism

-> ACTION : Inspire to motivate freedom and justice through actionable - call to action initiatives of the Voice and educating the masses with what is recycling harm into the sphere of existence - this will enable a collective consciousness raise on issues that can be transformed through understanding and acceptance

  • the output

  • the collective action and support through creative communications of influence


Social constructions shape our thoughts, ideas and expressions thereof, creating our social conditions and treatment of one another. The products of these treatments can be rooted to the causes of economic and political gains. However, finely masked to prevent the public masses from discovering that their manifestations of mobility and control is within a function that is being manipulated day in and out by the ones who end up walking away winners through barrier creation to opportunity and success by social division and marginalization.

There are systems in place that create oppression - this however is not new. It has been established from the early ages of the founding fathers and capitalism itself. When a means to a capital involved the dehumanization of a peoples - this referring to slavery, is the root bedrock to the system that has created abuse and brutality of people in which who are imprisoned in the system itself - law enforcement, formally known as the ‘slave patrol’. Now this institutionalized system is one we are all living and operating within - and all are not treated equal in the corrupt capitalist complex we have in power today.

In order to uphold revenue growth, capital and asset gains among the swift mobility in economic advancement and success there needs to be a structure to uphold those in a favorable position in order to create the marginal distributions of wealth and power distribution. The margin is the creation of the oppressive state many face. These categories are attributed to gender, sexuality, race, social-class, economic standing, education, ability, age, religion and a wide range of other differences that creates one group favorable over another. This is the status quo agenda that powers the capitalist system. When we define these the root stems causes within the matrix of domination we can find the link to the perpetuation and do the best we can to dismantle it on a ground level of individual and community based change, because the power lies in collective understanding, recognition and action.

We must also understand that one system of oppression produces another as it is built in the structural web of mobility and power. We cannot dismantle oppressive systems without defining and outlining the links to the systems of privilege, as it will take a decentralization of power to dismantle oppression.

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