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The Sexualization of Women

First, I will state I am a firm believer and advocate in the celebration of sex and the expression thereof. It becomes problematic when it is not authentic, genuine and personal and instead a capitalist venture - a product that can be marketed, sold and bought, and that is the female body. This is not just a problem this is a detriment to gender equality and a contribution to a sociological development freeze. Contributing factors and elements in relation to pimping and cheap-fast culture initiate sex work and the relevant as an industry by the way of patriarchally capitalist-washing society. The commodification of women is apparent when you are able to, in this society, pick up a magazine from the news stand and open up to a page of a women being sexualized and objectified by her body parts. The use of imagery to body parts for arousal and personal pleasure is not only a cheap trill and tacky venture for men who cannot develop means to find connection, love and needs fulfilled in a relationship - but also a desensitization of humanity for the sole purpose of buying sex. This is not the first time we are hearing about this as we know, “sex sells”. By being able to step back and let this business sentiment sink in, we can critically examine that this is a psychological conditioning that is ruled by the way of manipulating people’s most intimate pieces of themselves. Not only does this devalue women in a gender unjust world, it actually more-so solidifies the fact that women can be bought. This then contributes to the gender inequality as it is in engrained imbedding in our thought processes and functionings of ourselves and society as a whole. How can the very person who indulges in this systemic abuse of will by the way of buying women then be expected to truly treat and see his opposite sex as an equal in a social, professional, institutional or government setting. Playboy is a problematic conglomerate that contributes to the evolvement of the objectification and sexism to womankind and to gender injustices. To add to the media disgraces - Ponhub, Pinklab, all the other cheap, tacky trills that additionally power the acts of pedophilia by the supply of underaged sexualization and - believe it or not - even actual sales of footage of illegal underaged intercourse. Excessive porn also desensitizes men from actual real-time sex with a women. Due to the over consumption of porn, it has changed to adjust a well frequented mind by enticing new arousals by the way of violent sexual acts, they are used as a prop in a sadomasochistic majority run demand. We see this to be true as often times it becomes the front page of the pornographic sites. There was a series not long ago on Pornhub where women were being placed in box cages, tied in chains, even bleeding from brutal violation. When you have men from 20-60 years old + looking at these videos and photos they are dis-empathized of the women, as they could very well be their sister, daughter or granddaughter, which then really creates a secret sociological perversion. Continued cycles of desensitization to authentic connections in sex contributes to harmful narratives of women, psychological damage to men and illegal acts of women and children.

Take this instance of a video I came across Pornhub (while doing social research) - a child playing at a waterpark with other children was minutes later found in the bathroom - obviously underaged with a man who very well could have been her father was caught in sexual play and intercourse. This is a disgrace to humanity, it is illegal, unlawful and quite frankly soul-wrenching. Then we have cases like Henry Weinstein - who is a friend of Trump's - do I need I say more.. created a business out of pedophilia and prostitution. Meanwhile the Boston Globe’s investigative coverage on the 100+ priests who took advantage of children and raped them was also surfacing. We look to the world and see backward traditions and customs of child marriages in countries like Afghanistan and other countries all over the Middle East, Africa but this is also happening here, in America. Where is the end? When do we make laws to protect the innocent, the preyed upon, the victims of mental, physical abuse and sexual abuse. When you have Hugh Heffner who lived in a house full of bunnies that is an false idolized image to pimp culture. Did anyone else catch that? Pimping, another form of prostitution - using human beings as a means to capital - as a women there is something completely soul-body separating within such a means. It is a passive slavery - that takes mind washing and conditioning that which is a product of capitalism and social systems by the way of accepting such cruelty. Trump was the national example and epitome of narratives and stances on the abuse, and a have-your-way, any-way you want with a women. “Grab’em by the pussy”, Trumps famous quote on the way women can be influenced and controlled - that is what this society has come to be and harbored for many years and that is Patriarchy - Capitalism in addition to White Supremacy. Derogatory language is also the foundational cornerstone to sexism by the way of using the very constructs that would pertain to the establishment of those derogatory-zations. For instances calling on women as a form of slut shaming that was founded by the very patriarchal system that puts women on the chopping block of ridicule and judged. This inappropriate and harmful narratives that are birthed and spread is an over-sexualization and false control and power structures of social dominations.

Energetic Beings the Psychological Effect

Sex work by personal testament is not work - as it is a dehumanization and manipulation of the female gender. It only serves the invested capitalist patriarchal society - that is the hard bottom line and foundation to sex work.

To give women into prostitution and sex work is a failure to realize your level of consciousness by not fully realizing the development of the energetic and psychological effects that the subject and in this case victim is being subjected to. When women’s bodies are used as territorial domination to fulfill revenue gain is a plain example of complete immoral and inhumane audacity to the respect of the contingent factors that contribute to a person’s being, known and unknown on all levels of the physical and the spiritual self. When a woman is brought to such a place to have to submit her very will and being to the cause of staying financially secure or safe is to say that the soul has left - the conscious human is now being conditioned to lowering acceptance of self-ownership to the ownership of those that inhibit it. I am in no way conservative on this topic - in fact I believe in self-expression, true individuality and self-agency over oneself. What this is is an analysis and argument for that there are affects to actions that extend past our majority current day consciousness level. This can be placed among the studies and researches that are being conducted. Personally, my research on this topic has been self-experience, social awareness and intuitive wisdom from the unraveling of our collective beings. To leave you with some food for thought: the domain of the spiritual experience the one that is the “vital principle held to give life and ‘the activating or emotional principle influencing a person’,” (Chirban, J).

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